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Just a few miles southwest of Hermann’s city limits, nestled in the Heart of Missouri’s wine country, you will find  Martin Brothers Winery.

Martin Brothers Winery started in May of 2014. It is family owned and operated, located on the family farm in central Missouri outside of Hermann.

Martin Brothers Winery is one of a handful globally specializing in fermenting mead.  Mead is wine made from honey. 

The Story
The Focus


As a winery focused on the harvest of honey, the wines highlight not just the plants of the region or terroir, but also honey varietals. 

A honey varietal is dependent on what the bees are pollinating and gathering nectar from.  The honey could be from the blossom pollination of a seasonal crop such as oranges in California, or even from a regional wildflower. Each unique harvest of honey represents the floral character of the blossoms of season, varietal, and place.


So with that, every batch of wine tells a story, and every glass creates a new one.  We hope you'll come visit us for a unique experience.

The Visit


Martin Brothers Winery, with its open spacious rolling hills surrounded by beautiful woods is a place to escape to in the country and enjoy an award winning wine while enjoying nature at its best.

 Bring your picnic basket and enjoy the serenity of the quiet countryside while enjoying one of our unique meads.  Explore the true experience of a quality mead in a truly relaxed setting just a short trip from Hermann.

Try our wines through a guided tasting flight (no reservations required). 

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